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Empowering Women and bringing their inner beauty to life


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Art? What is it? How does it make you feel? For me art has been everything. As a little girl I was fascinated with it. I would draw and paint every chance I would get. I would notice my mom and my aunts put something on their hands and feet. It looked like clay. They would wash I off and it would stick to their skin. My mom told me it was henna. I still remember when I took that first tube of henna and created something on my mom’s hand. It wasn’t very nice, but my mom was ecstatic. She loved it! As I grew up I would replaced my paint brush with a henna tube and took every chance I would get to create. And I got really good at it. I got so good at it that a business sprouted from it. As I perfected my henna craft I started looking at other ways where I could showcase my talents. I came across microblading. I felt an instant connection to it. It was as if a light bulb went off over my head. This is exactly what Ive been looking for. I immediately enrolled in classes. I excelled as soon as I walked through the doors. My teachers were very impressed with how fast I learned everything and after I told them that I was henna for the past 10 years they understood. The same skill and attention to detail that I spent the past 10 years perfecting paid off. I was a natural. After graduating I got my first job microblading. After gaining a ton of experience I set out on my own and opened Moniza Abbasi in Naperville. I want to welcome you. I want you to explore. I want you to see the dedication that I have to this art. And when you are ready I’ll be here for you:)